IN Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc. provides the patient/client with a series of processes that are centered around the Chiropractic adjustment.

The chiropractic adjustment methodology utilized in this office and others across the country was developed by Dr. Todd McDougle after years of experimentation on strength athletes. The technique was designed to enhance their ability to recuperate faster and gain strength immediately post-treatment. In essence, the idea was to avoid the post adjustment sensation of being “sprung” as noted by many athletes following the standard side posture applications prevalent in chiropractic offices worldwide. The side posture method has been a successful staple in chiropractic for generations. Over time, there needed to be an adaptation for specific applications and situations that required preservation of the Hoffman’s reflex (1,5). In other words, it was time for chiropractic to have some advancements; and Dr. McDougle, through years of working with the top strength athletes has discovered that vehicle. Now, these same methods are available and successfully applied to patients of all ages, dysfunctions, and even the needs of post-surgical patients.