With the advancement of McDougle’s skills due to experiences in active practice, post-graduate education in Sports Chiropractic via the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician program, and post-graduate education in Scoliosis Care and Bracing services through SpineCor and Becker Labs, specialty services have expanded into complex care types. These variations of severity treated in office include but are not limited to Sports Medicine, Scoliosis care, and care for those who have rods and screws in their spine, plate fusions of the neck, post surgical hip and knee replacement recipients. Of course, those with Pelvic dysfunctions resulting in piriformis syndromes, conditions of the S-I joints, and lower extremity dysfunctions, have all found relief in our chiropractor’s office and in the sports triage tents across the country. This paragraph would be remiss if not to add the numerous successes in solutions for upper extremity and shoulder difficulties also seen in our office.

Naturally, with all of the specialized chiropractic applications displayed in these many paragraphs, the reader may feel that our office only focuses on the severe. That’s not entirely the case as we have worked on so many less difficult cases and have many patients on maintenance programs for them and their entire families. We make every attempt to make the experience fun for those even in their time of need. Our chiropractor’s office caters to everyone that has a desire to become more functional!

The care received by those patients/clients at IN Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc. is centered around these concepts described and over the years, Dr. McDougle has discovered that through adaptation of his focus, patients/clients in his clinic have met with a quicker response to his chiropractic applications. In most cases, the patient/client regardless of severity is only expected to be seen twice a week during an initial six-week cycle of care. This may be compared to his colleagues which require three to five treatments per week to accomplish similar results (3). For chronic low back pain for example, one study indicates relief was substantial for patients receiving care three to four times per week for three weeks (4). McDougle’s schedule of chiropractic application conforms to many insurance protocols, saving the patients valuable time and money with sports medicine, scoliosis, and general chiropractic treatment.