Typically, x-rays are taken in our chiropractic office to reduce the risk of inappropriate or insignificant views that are often seen when films come from other facilities. We want to save you both time and money while offering the best clarity of diagnostic procedures to enhance your Chiropractic experience in our office. We have literally the latest “Lo-Dose” technology to reduce the exposure that may be a concern to some of you.

Dr. McDougle in some circumstances may send you to another facility for other types of films or depending on the findings. He may have to call for an MRI or other imaging study of your spine or extremity for which ProScan Imaging may be used. ProScan has a convenient location not far from our office and our clients are often seen the same day as the request for service. Upon setting up the recommended appointment, they may ask you for your insurance information.
For ease of use, the web link for Pro-Scan: https://proscan.com/location/proscan-imaging-fishers/
If you are experiencing back pain or neck pain, contact IN Chiropractic & Wellness for a consultation.