Dr. McDougle aka the StrongmanDoc has been watching the cross-fit type and other sports organizations for several years as the “taping phenomena” gained strength. Originally, the use of this type of taping was for the facilitation of lymphatic drainage. Many photographs show the changes in ecchymosis (bruising) following the use of these taping systems presenting its effectiveness in this area.

As with taping procedures utilized for years in sports medicine, a thought to use this same athletic tape material was considered as an alternative. There are those that feel that the use of this form of taping creates a placebo effect in which case a “SpongeBob” band-aid would equally suffice. The popularity has caused many in sports medicine to use this methodology with claims of support and muscle redirection.

IN Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc. in Fishers, Indiana will be pleased to make this service available for those who wish to use this type of taping method for either need. There are several videos that will aid the athlete or client in applying this technology on the field or at home.

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