The issues that so many have with feet, knees, hips, lower ribs, and back pain may all stem from a variety of pelvic dysfunctions. As said multiple times in other areas on this site, the use of appropriate measurement methods such as a complete chiropractic examination and a series of radiographic films in conjunction with a skilled set of eyes and the ability for critical thinking and case correlation will make every difference in a positive outcome for the patient.

Often, Dr. McDougle has found that an increased tension while passively flexing the patient’s knee in prone position may be related to a particular dysfunction of the pelvis, and with correction improvement is found in the passive motion of both knees! Many times following the pelvic dysfunction treatment, a noticeable amount of freedom of motion is also felt in the ankles as well, which nearly always surprises the patient.

Concurrent pelvic and trochanteric chiropractic applications have significant reduction in myotonicity of the psoas major musculature and often the quadratus lumborum as well as the lower ribs. It is interesting that one motion can do so much when properly applied.

Of course, individualized treatment methods can be applied to the feet, knees, hips, lower ribs, and lumbar spine to target each specifically as clinically indicated.

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