Here’s what you’re accustomed to:

Currently seeing a family doctor may cost you roughly $75 to $125 for the visit. Follow this visit by a trip to the pharmacy and you can then add at least another $35 for the prescription. This is the same for pretty much whatever your condition may be. After you run out of your prescription you repeat the process until you no longer have any symptoms or end up in the hospital. You may go to a specialist prior to the hospital which typically costs about $500. This is the system that 95 percent of the population finds acceptable.

Often, these described methods are needed, yet there are other processes that can be less invasive and possibly even more effective. This assessment of options is called comparative effectiveness. If caught early enough, we have seen non-surgical correction of ear infections just for example. With all that being said, here are our options: enhanced nervous system function, improved movement, decreased pain, and enhanced immunity without the use of drugs. These systems have been in place for over 100 years and have proven themselves to be not only beneficial, but also an extremely effective way to stay functional. The application of these principles by a skilled doctor becomes the “art” of health care we offer to our clients.

Options Care Programs

Our chiropractic care office offers the Options Care Programs. These programs are priced to compete with your deductibles, co-pays and/or co-insurance which have become the insurance company’s punishment for using your insurance policy. We don’t think that’s fair, so we also have incorporated a program to include up to two children per paying adult at no additional charge per visit (some Restrictions apply). This gives you and your kids the opportunity to get healthy together without breaking the bank! There really is something for everyone and each option is clearly written down for clarity to relieve any concerns that you may have. With all that said, these are tough times and finally, someone is going to give you a break! Call our chiropractors today to take full advantage of one or several of these programs. Forms of payment accepted by the office are check, cash, or major credit card. Your whole family can feel the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment easier than before.