Dr. McDougle’s Concept of Chiropractic Adjusting:

For more than a decade, Dr. Todd A. McDougle (Palmer 1997) has been the “mechanic” of many International, National, State and Local Athletic Champions. In the late 90’s, Dr. McDougle at the request of Chad Coy; an International World Strongest Man Champion, developed a technique that would allow the athlete to receive an adjustment that was not only effective but also reduced the feeling of being “sprung”. This proprietary technique does not contribute to strength loss from hyper stimulation of the muscle stretch receptors as seen with the traditional side posture maneuvers – a standard in chiropractic care treatment procedures.

Dr. McDougle’s dynamic, short lever, high-velocity, low impact, multi-release, pelvic adjustment allows for the athlete to go back into the field of competition immediately afterward and perform at championship levels. Several athletes have become champions after the chiropractic adjustment when just moments before, an injury made it appear that the contest was over for them. Others have come into the office with a cane or walker only to be relieved of them after as little as just one treatment!

Testimonials from several of our technique recipients have honored this protocol by exceeding their previous personal bests with records both state and nationally.

Pelvic Dysfunction:

The core difference between this technique and other chiropractic care methods stems from the misconception that the PI and/or AS pelvic misalignment are primary in the pelvic dysfunction. Now occasionally they are, but typically they are not when the two exist simultaneously. Use of this short lever, high-velocity, low impact, multi-release technique may allow for multiple pieces of the pelvic puzzle to dissolve with one application (in most cases). This reduces stress to the patient without the patient leaving with a feeling of being “sprung” as with traditional methods and reduces the risk of shoulder injury to the doctor. Dr. McDougle has also developed a series of protocols for the cervical spine as well with stellar results! Interested in your chiropractor learning these techniques go HERE!

Assessment measures:

The method should be consistently used the same way each time for effectiveness and to aid in the teaching of this technique. Variation has shown to be less effective in the processing of the patient in clinical trials. The results are produced by reducing the layers of dysfunction in a particular order to reorganize a patient’s dysfunction and deviation from Dr. McDougle’s protocols does change the outcome.

Our office uses x-rays and standardized evaluative methods for scientific and repeatable outcomes. In other settings such as an athletic event outing, a standardized evaluative approach that Dr. McDougle calls “Triage” is implemented but more in depth procedures as mentioned are always recommended!


Dr. McDougle has seen his technique result in the making of championship performances. The technique which was developed for the Amateur and World Class Strongmen was then refined to be applied to even the Weekend Warrior!

It is expected that more testimonials are to come as the opportunity to make a difference through this technique occurs. Now that we have only three other doctors of chiropractic in the entire country (besides Dr. McDougle) using his methods, our hope is to hear of the impact that this technique has on their patient’s/athlete’s performance as well!

Here is a video of Dr. McDougle working on Pro Strongman Dimitar Savatinov who was the Strongman of the Ringling Bros./Barnum & Bailey Circus. Mitko, as his friends call him, is a World Record holder of the Dumb-bell press at 308 pounds set in 2016. He also has been participating in several World’s Strongest Man competitions and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Strongman Classics Worldwide.

What you will witness in this video is the necessary activities to correct the dysfunctions of this 300+ pound athlete and doesn’t necessarily indicate what Dr. McDougle is required to do on the general public. Professional level athletes of sizeable stature require more force, however, the drop table “popping sound” makes the technique seem much worse than it actually is! Please enjoy this presentation from Justin Sulham of Meat-Head Movie Makers! http://www.meatheadmoviemaker.com/new-gallery

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