Something identified by Dr. McDougle over these 20 years of Chiropractic applications and the study of the many films taken, is that we Chiropractors have missed the boat! The schools have also missed the boat on technique and advancing the profession. So, why are we teaching 70 year old applications without consideration for the changes in human activity? The discussion should change as one reads on.

During discussions with several Gonstead focused Chiropractors who do line drawing analysis, the opinion is that pelvic dynamics have changed in presentation since the 1980’s. More often what is seen is a change in the pelvis to a more coronal primary presentation than the typical sagittal primary as the majority of DCs have been taught in Chiropractic colleges worldwide. Consideration for the primary work position may be the key to this change according to Dr. McDougle and his colleagues.

Back during the industrial revolution until the mid 80’s, the primary work position was standing. Today it is sitting, yet no one in the Chiropractic industry other than Dr. McDougle has identified the changes in pelvic dynamics, which is a mistake. The primary use of leg length discrepancy correction has been and continues to be the heel lift. Yes, there are many changes that can occur with a heel lift, but if the coronal is primary as Dr. McDougle and many of his colleagues suggest, with its permanent boney changes, give rise to the need of the consideration for a full length foot lift. The best measurement tool is use of x-rays and skilled interpretation.

The concesus is that is may be reasonable to see a corrective change of roughly 40% of the size of the heel lift, and Dr. McDougle submits that this can be true for the full length foot lift. In some cases however, Dr. McDougle has seen a 5 mm lift drop a 16 mm deficit to exactly half with very little Chiropractic applications over a 5 week period. The news of the day, is that the speculation of what we are taught in chiropractic college – > that a short leg is the result of a sagittal posterior inferior iliac spine is wrong. Dr. McDougle’s research and the opinion of many of his colleagues shows that the primary often is actually an IN presentation instead.

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