Elbow injuries consist often of minor issues that require direct treatment protocols including the Chiropractic adjustment. In a study regarding tennis elbow and its treatment, findings suggested that use of a steroidal injection was less effective long term than the use of mobilization as a treatment. The injection had better initial outcomes but was met with significant recurrences 47 of 65 times after a six week treatment series (21).

An elbow subluxation can cause pain in the wrist and at the shoulder as well as directly in the elbow region itself. So often, treatment is delayed which can cause significant imbalances when a direct adjustment can save both time and money for the patient. A total evaluation of the thoracic and cervical regions in conjuction with an elbow evaluation often find related issues that also need treated and can lead to a more wholistic positive end result and resolution of symptoms.

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Spinal Antalgia, which is the inability to keep the trunk and body erect and often presents in a lateral or flexed lateral presentation, typically is significant for disc involvement. However, even though a disc may be the culprit, a Chiropractor has shown to be very effective in its treatment and reduction in symptoms associated with this type of presentation.

As with scoliosis, there often is a compensatory pelvic component. The difference is the fact that often the scoliosis-pelvic dynamic tends to be permanent due to spinal changes during the growth phase, whereas the antalgic dynamic is temporary if addressed early enough in the treatment application by an experienced Chiropractic Doctor.