Intense practices, tough games, injuries, and sore muscles are just a normal part of any athlete’s day. If you’re a sports hobbyist, college, or professional athlete, you are fully aware of going home after a game with neck pain, back pain, or even worse, an injury. What do you do to heal your body from these aches and injuries? Do you see your family doctor, massage therapist, or simply treat with hot and cold compresses? Have you ever considered seeing a chiropractor? You may be surprised at how beneficial chiropractic treatment can be for athletes, both during the game and after. If you want to improve your game and feel better after a tough workout, come visit our office today.

chiropractic adjustmentImproved Function

A chiropractic method used in sports medicine and used in our office is Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, CMT, spinal adjustment, or chiropractic adjustment. These terms are used interchangeably. This is the practice of manipulating vertebrae that have become misaligned. CMT is used to help realign the spinal column so that athletes can enjoy pain-free movement. CMT can treat conditions from neck, leg, and back pain to headaches and ear infections. 

Promoting Faster Healing

Whether through repetitive injuries or one single injury, an athlete’s body will try to heal and protect itself with muscle spasms and inflammation. When misalignments occur in the body, these issues will slow down the natural healing of the body, making it difficult to get back to the game quickly and without some residual pain. To treat and promote healing in your body, a chiropractic adjustment will help speed up the healing process and get athletes back to practice and games quickly and safely.

chiropractic treatmentIncreased Strength

Working with athletes across the country and participants in the America’s Strongest Man competition, our doctor of chiropractic’s focus is helping athletes gain strength in order to improve their game. Rather than using the standard techniques such as side posture maneuvers or lumbar roll stretches, Dr. Todd McDougle developed a technique that allows patients to receive an adjustment that doesn’t leave them with the feeling of being “sprung.” With these new techniques, athletes have experienced increased strength when jumping, faster swimming and running times, and increased flexibility without losing strength.

Body Maintenance

Cold and hot compresses and massage therapy can only go so far when an athlete is on the road and having to constantly work through aches and pains throughout their bodies. With regular chiropractic treatment, an athlete will be able to enjoy relief from stiff and sore muscles.

Fixing Asymmetries

Misalignments commonly occur in the spine and naturally within the body, if one side of the body is different than the other. One side of your body could have additional strength due to workouts or repeating similar motions on one side of the body and not the other. With a chiropractic adjustment, patient’s soft tissue will be worked on by massaging and reducing tension in order to keep the body aligned. This not only improves mobility but will reduce the risk of injury because one side of the body will not be working harder than the other.

When an injury occurs, the most important thing for athletes is to heal quickly so they can get back to their sport. If you want to heal quickly after an injury, increase strength, flexibility, or find relief from back pain or aches throughout your body, it may be time to visit a chiropractor. With specialized skills that can help promote healing and reduce the chance of further injuries, schedule an appointment at our office today. IN Chiropractic is dedicated to getting you back on the field without pain.