Do you ever have tension headaches? Do you have asthma or high blood pressure? Chiropractic is more than just finding relief from back pain like many people may think. Dr. Todd McDougle at IN Chiropractic seeks to change patients perception of what chiropractic is and the techniques that are typically involved in the standard chiropractor’s office. While we do offer lower back pain treatment, chiropractic adjustments, treatment for sciatica pain, and more, we aren’t your typical chiropractor. We want you to use this blog as a resource for whenever you experience bodily ailments. If your body aches, if you struggle with headaches, or if you can’t find relief from back pain, schedule an appointment with an innovative chiropractor.

Who We Are

The chiropractors at our wellness center wants everyone to feel welcome at our facility. From cashiers who stand on their feet all day, mailmen who walk all day, office workers who are sitting at a desk all day, professional athletes dealing with harsh impacts, to construction workers who are lifting and moving large items, if you want to find relief from any body pain, we have an answer. There are many conditions that cost a significant amount of money and can take a considerable amount of time to heal, such as scoliosis, sciatica, or sports injuries, and these are the cases that our team is excited to treat. We look forward to treating those who are dealing with pain and who are becoming frustrated at not being able to find relief.

chiropractic adjustment

What We Can Do

Vertebral Subluxation

Looking into chiropractic medicine, you can see clearly how everything in the body is connected. The brain and the spinal cord hold the primary method for transferring information throughout the body. When the bones of the spine are damaged, the nerves within the spinal column, muscles, and soft tissue are affected, leading to changes throughout the body. This is called the vertebral subluxation complex. With the understanding that everything is connected, chiropractors can look to heal bodily ailments that may not at first appear to be spine related.

sports injurySports Medicine

Dr. McDougle didn’t have a traditional start in the chiropractic field, and this gives him a unique edge and point of view that allows him to better serve his athletes. Working with champions and competitors of The World’s Strongest Man, Dr. McDougle developed a chiropractic adjustment that can heal injuries without the patient losing any strength. He continues to work with sports players who want to get back to the game sooner and without any pain or discomfort. Through a thorough examination of each patient and x-rays, we can see the underlying problem and continue with a treatment plan that will get the patient back to normal health quicker. Having well-trained chiropractors that are knowledgeable of the body, ligaments, tendons, musculatures, and how everything works together and affects the body, IN Chiropractic has an advantage over other facilities.

Chiropractic Wellness

Having the range of skills that Dr. McDougle has, he is able to treat more patients and is able to provide them with better service. Dr. McDougle has trained for and worked extensively with scoliosis patients and understands fully what is involved and what it takes to treat this condition. Bone development of the spine, knee pain, reactions in the neck and shoulders can all be symptoms of scoliosis and it takes a certain understanding to positively treat the condition. Dr. McDougle uses his wide skillset to treat conditions as serious as scoliosis, such as sterno-costal syndromes and pelvic dysfunction to back pain that can be helped with a single visit.

If you want an innovative approach to chiropractic care, look to IN Chiropractic & Wellness. For lower back pain, sports injuries, sciatica, or headache treatment, you can find relief at our chiropractor’s office. Schedule an appointment today for a consultation.