1. Is a Pelvic Misalignment Causing You Pain?

    Have you ever heard of pelvic misalignment? If you are struggling with back pain and headaches, a misalignment in your pelvis could be the cause. A trip to the chiropractor will give you definite answers, but if you want to learn more about this condition, read on. What Is Pelvic Dysfunction or Misa…Read More

  2. Why Athletes Should See a Chiropractor

    Intense practices, tough games, injuries, and sore muscles are just a normal part of any athlete’s day. If you’re a sports hobbyist, college, or professional athlete, you are fully aware of going home after a game with neck pain, back pain, or even worse, an injury. What do you do to heal your b…Read More

  3. Welcome to Our Chiropractic Blog!

    Do you ever have tension headaches? Do you have asthma or high blood pressure? Chiropractic is more than just finding relief from back pain like many people may think. Dr. Todd McDougle at IN Chiropractic seeks to change patients perception of what chiropractic is and the techniques that are typical…Read More