The Problem Facing Us Today in Sports Medicine

Presently, we see a persistent failure within the medical model which has resulted in more children with adult diseases than any time in our nation’s history. Insurance companies dictate the manner by which people are treated, not for the good of people, but for the profit of the shareholders. Those involved include the hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the doctors through their strict protocols established by the insurance corporations and now funded by the Federal Government. The saddest thing is that doctors and some chiropractors truly feel that they are doing a great service to humanity but cannot think “outside the box.” Parents are not sure who they can trust to effectively care for their children and opinions are severely divided.

We see the same in sports medicine. Over the years, many athletes have found themselves broken from back pain soon after entering into the arena of collegiate sports only to lose that scholarship due to an injury. In many cases, this injury is one that could have been prevented with chiropractic adjustments, proper grooming and healthy maintenance of their basic structures which elude contemporary medicine today. Over these many years in chiropractic care, it has become more apparent than ever the significance it can have in relation to the safety and injury prevention in sports. Through chiropractic science and methods developed by chiropractors like Dr. McDougle, the athletes finally stand a chance to maintain a long career as athletes. One major item must change in order to accomplish this task; the protocols.

The Broken System

At the time of this installment, the manner by which athletes are processed is as follows:

  • An athlete is screened by an MD untrained in biomechanics via State Athletic Association mandated sports physical. State Athletic Association is guided by other medical physicians.
  • Sports Med Orthopedic Surgery Center/Group contracts with schools/colleges. Schools or colleges often pay Sports Med Orthopedic Surgery Centers for use of their athletic trainer then receive monies from the Sports Med Orthopedic Surgery Center for marketing and advertising for school/college events so these institutions can pay for sports-related equipment and other needs.
  • The athlete becomes injured and Athletic trainer employed by Sports Med Group then refers the athlete to Sports Med Orthopedic Surgery Center for evaluation of only the injured area.
  • The athlete is sent to the affiliated hospital if no inpatient evaluative sports medicine services are in-house.
  • The athlete is “rehabilitated” by Sports Med Orthopedic Surgery Center or affiliate with a focus on only the injured part per insurance guidelines.
  • The athlete is released to play with a stronger crooked / non-corrected dysfunction which may lead to a more severe injury at a future date resulting in potential loss of scholarship.

As the reader can sense, the whole process is self-serving. Yet, the reader has to ask, why this isn’t more broadly questioned? What about the health of our children and the long-term effects of poor evaluative measures? The answer is very simple though, “it’s about the money, not the athlete.” After treating many collegiate level athletes for so many years, this phrase has been repeated from their lips time and again.

Our Solution: Integration

One of the most simple approaches to prevention is a well-established evaluation process which includes chiropractic assessment measures. In our office, this not only begins with a thorough chiropractic examination but the use of radiographs also known as x-rays which are becoming less utilized over the years. Insurance companies use a recently published paper that dispels the use of x-rays due to a “lack of correlation” between the patient and the diagnosis. We now see a significant decrease of the use of radiographic services in chiropractic offices as well with citation of risk to benefit ratios which have been embraced by even the USOC Medical Center. The perspective in our office and this text is that the “Lack of ability for critical clinical thinking and case correlation by an individual practitioner or a group of specified practitioners does not suggest a lack of clinical appropriateness or need for x-rays but rather a lack of skill in assessment.” Proper biomechanical assessment by those trained in analysis can be the tipping point in the reduction of athlete injury if used appropriately. Even the American College of Sports Medicine understands the necessity of appropriate biomechanical assessments and admits that there is a severe lack of their usage in contemporary sports medicine!

We have more educated people than ever with degrees in biomechanics, physical therapy, orthopedics, and even the chiropractors, yet athletes continue to be broken because of lack of ability to clinically correlate a problem with a successful series of processes that constitute a solution. The biggest difference in outcomes for the future of sports medicine and sports chiropractic is dependent upon the well-trained chiropractic doctors. McDougle Chiropractic Methods may be a solution or at least the beginning of one.

Dr. McDougle Sports Chiropractic Neuromechanical Concept

Dr. McDougle’s Sports Medicine practice developed out of a necessity for the reduction of hyper-stimulation of the neural structures in the ligaments, tendons, and musculatures to the standard long levered chiropractic adjustment or Osteopathic manipulation. These techniques are often now mimicked by those in Physical Therapy. In many instances, the athletes have shown signs of weakness following these standard adjusting methods as is the case or pre-competition static stretching. This was the case with the athletes known as Strongmen. Through relationships with some of the top Strongmen in the Nation; particularly Pro Strongman Chad Coy, a new technique was developed by Dr. McDougle. The methods were refined and applied to patients in his practice with outcomes that have resulted in State and National records being set, as well a resolution of debilitating conditions in people in the community. Trips to California due to his UCLA and USC contacts have expanded his opportunities to help athletes in other disciplines. In his Fall 2009 trip to California, he had the opportunity to work on a World Record holder in swimming. Peter Marshall went on to set the new world record in the 50M backstroke for the third time!

Over the years Dr. McDougle has continued to develop relationships with some of the most phenomenal Chiropractic Doctors in California which represent both UCLA [Dr. Brian Campbell] and USC [Dr. Eric Blum] as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Swimming. Doctors such as these have embraced the work of Dr. McDougle and have added his concepts to their practices resulting in a higher level of performance for their athletes and patients. Unfortunately, Indiana has been slow to add doctors of chiropractic to their healthcare team approach and so many kids have missed their opportunity to succeed at a higher level due to needless injuries and reduced function.

Give his office a call today to integrate a seasoned chiropractic doctor and begin a championship season! 317-770-5775.

Dr. McDougle has had post-graduate training in Sports Medicine through the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician program.