Dr. McDougle’s Concept of Chiropractic Adjusting:

For two decades, Dr. Todd McDougle (Palmer 1997) has not only been working towards clinical excellence in the office, but he has also been the “mechanic” of many International, National, State and Local athletic champions. The development of his chiropractic adjustment technique began in the late 90’s when he was convinced by Chad Coy; an International World Strongest Man Champion from the USA, to create a method that would allow the athlete to receive a chiropractic adjustment that was not only effective but also reduces the feeling of being “sprung”. After many years of trial and error, McDougle’s proprietary technique has been found to enhance strength performance rather than contribute to strength loss from hyper-stimulation of the muscle stretch receptors or the tensile aspect of the tendons as seen with the traditional long-lever side posture maneuvers – a treatment procedure used by more than 90 percent of Chiropractors. The side posture maneuver with its long multi-joint stretch as seen with a lumbar roll, held to tension (static stretch), then an impulse employed (ballistic stretch) to accomplish a joint release, is the very same concept seen as with a static stretch followed by a ballistic bounce response prior to athletic events which have been scientifically shown to decrease performance. The depression of the Hoffman’s reflex first noted in 1910, has been shown to reduce power and strength and the reason that static and ballistic stretches are no longer used pre-competition.

Dr. McDougle’s short lever high-velocity burst pelvic chiropractic adjustment skips over the negative neuro-dynamic and allows the athlete to participate in the field of competition immediately after a precision treatment to perform at championship levels. On average, the athletes have realized an increase in strength of roughly 20 percent. Several athletes have become champions after the chiropractic adjustment when just moments before, an injury made it appear that the contest was over for them. The beauty of these applications is that while in the clinical setting, Dr. McDougle has refined these methods to advance them to positively affect those with a wide variety of physical restrictions regardless of the nature of onset.

Testimonials from several of our clients have honored McDougle’s method by exceeding their previous personal bests with records both State and Nationally. Equally, these same applications have positively changed the lives of those who suffer from disc issues, scoliosis deformities, and post-surgical hardware recipients.

Pelvic Dysfunction and Clinical Correlations:

The core difference between this technique and other chiropractic methods stems from the misconception that the Posterior-Inferior pelvic misalignment is primary in the pelvic dysfunction as most chiropractors believe. There has not been a consideration for the change in primary work position over the last 30 years. Today the majority of people sit all day. Dr. McDougle has discovered that the sedentary position has disastrous permanent effects on the human frame dynamic.

Use of the McDougle Chiropractic Methods‘ short lever high-velocity burst multi-release technique may allow for multiple pieces of not only the pelvic puzzle to dissolve with one application (in most cases) but also has shown signs of significant changes in the rest of the spinal regions. Overall, this reduces stress to the patient without the patient leaving with a feeling of being “sprung” as with traditional methods and reduces the risk of shoulder injury to the doctor. Dr. McDougle has also developed a series of protocols for the cervical spine with stellar results! Make plans for your appointment today.


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