Dr. Todd McDougle


Todd McDougle, D.C., a ’97 Palmer graduate, has made a career out of overcoming big challenges. He started his career by working his way through college. He took a job at a local foundry, and it was there that tragedy struck in 1988, when his arm was caught in a sand reclaimer. “I was stuck in that machine for eight minutes,” explained Dr. McDougle. “It basically filleted my arm.”

“I almost lost my arm. I spent weeks in the hospital fighting infection and willing my fingers to move,” said Dr. McDougle. “I would concentrate so hard that I’d be panting and sweating like a weightlifter.”  Eventually, Dr. McDougle persuaded his doctors not to amputate his arm by moving his thumb just the slightest bit. Encouraged by his progress, his doctors instead performed reconstructive surgery, using muscles from his back to restore function to his arm and hand.

At the time of his injury, Dr. McDougle was a muscled 225 lbs. After six months in and out of hospitals, he was down to 165 lbs. Despite his injury, he was determined to rehabilitate himself, so he got back in the gym. Before long he injured his back, so at a friend’s urging, he visited a chiropractor. That chiropractor helped him so much he decided to pursue a career in chiropractic and sports medicine. His chiropractor advised him to go where chiropractic started, so he enrolled at Palmer’s Davenport campus.

Here again, Dr. McDougle faced some pretty big challenges. “I really started Palmer at a disadvantage. Not only did I have an injured arm, but I also had four kids. It wasn’t easy,” he explained. “And once I hit technique courses, I was sure I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I couldn’t feel anything.”  McDougle went on to explain how Palmer faculty fully supported him. “Dr. Ron Frogley made the biggest impact on me. He told me to just think about what I was trying to accomplish with each technique, and then figure out how I had to adapt my technique in order to accomplish the goal. Basically, he gave me permission to think outside the box, and I’ve been doing that ever since.”

Dr. McDougle continues to overcome big challenges by thinking outside the box. When he began working with the International World Strongest Man competitors in the late 90’s, he developed his own dynamic pelvic chiropractic adjustment technique to help these unique and powerful athletes not only meet but often exceed their performance goals in the competition. Over time he’s seen “the McDougle method” of adjusting help athletes of all kinds improve their performance.

In addition to his thriving chiropractic and sports medicine practice in Indiana, and the expansion and marketing of “the McDougle method” of chiropractic adjustments, Dr. McDougle is also participating in a study evaluating a dynamic assessment technology from Active Technologies known at the Dynamic Gaitforce Assessment. The resulting data not only showcases the precision and application of this new technology but also provides further evidence for the effectiveness of Dr. McDougle’s dynamic pelvic chiropractic adjustment technique. It’s a rewarding time for an overcomer like Dr. McDougle.

“I think providing a way for chiropractors to dynamically assess their patients will increase their effectiveness and provide rich data to validate what they do,” said Dr. McDougle. “I’m so excited about this project and its potential impact on the profession.”

“It was the Palmer faculty that made all the difference in the world for me,” commented Dr. McDougle. “I was this crazy guy with half an arm trying to be a chiropractor. But they believed in me and gave me the support I needed to overcome my injury and achieve my goals.”


E-mail: Dr.McDougle@Comcast.Net


www.DrMcDougle.com , www.INchiropractic.com , www.IndianaScoliosisSpecialists.com, www.McDougleChiropracticMethods.com


  • High School: North Miami Jr./Sr. High School;  Denver, Indiana – 1984
  • Upper Wabash Vocational Center – Health Occupations; Wabash, Indiana – 1984
  • Physical Therapy Externship –  Dukes Memorial Hospital; Peru, Indiana – 1984
  • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy;  Plainfield, Indiana – 1987 (88-91) Peru Police Department: Patrolman
  • Bachelor of Science Graduate: Palmer University System; Davenport, Iowa – 1997 ~ Pre-Med: Purdue University & Scott Community College
  • Doctoral Graduate: Palmer College of Chiropractic; Davenport, Iowa – 1997    http://www.palmer.edu/
  • Externship: Palmer College of Chiropractic; Rock Island, Illinois Director: Dr. Anthony Cacciopo
  • Internship: Shadeland Chiropractic; Indianapolis, Indiana – 1997 Preceptor: Dr. Travis Barnhart, Indianapolis, IN

Collegiate Accomplishments:

  • Hospital Rotation Development: Davenport Medical Center, Davenport,  Iowa – Cardiology ~ Director: Dr. Harry Bimonte, Professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic and Chair of PalmerCollege Department of Chiropractic Protocol.
  • President: Palmer Interdisciplinary Health Club
  • Iowa State Chairman:  All Natural Physique & Power Conference
  • Master of Ceremonies: All Natural Physique & Power Conference Competitions (Nationally)
  • Facilitator: Palmer College of Chiropractic & International Chiropractors Association Result: Multiple National Bodybuilding Events Speaker: Mr. Lee LaBrada: Professional BodyBuilder I.F.B.B. http://www.labrada.com/leelabrada Director: Mr. Ronald Hendrickson; Executive Director ICA http://www.chiropractic.org/

Professional Accomplishments:

  • National Board Certified: National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (Parts I-IV)
  • State Licensed: Indiana State Chiropractic Examiners / Indiana State Board of Health -1997
  • State Licensed: Ohio State Chiropractic Examiners / Ohio State Board of Health -2015
  • Formed Pendleton Chiropractic Centre, P.C. – 1997 Pendleton, Indiana
  • Board Member International Chiropractors Association of Indiana – 1998 – Present           ICAI.net
  • Professional – International Spokesperson: Relaxo-Bak, Inc. 1998 – 2010
  • President: Madison County Chiropractic Alliance – 1999
  • Board Member / Board Secretary (1998-2002 / 2006-2008): International Chiropractors Association of Indiana ICAI.net
  • Talk Show Host: The Spinal Word; WHBU Radio- Anderson, Indiana – Controversial Health Related Topics
  • Events Chiropractic Physician: Indiana Strongman Events – N.A.S./A.S.C./Global Strongman commencing in 1998
  • Event Physician: Extreme Grappling Open: James Clingerman; Black-Belt: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2004
  • Pro-Adjuster CEO: Inaugural CEO Class 2006 – 2009
  • Formed IN Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc. -2007 Fishers, Indiana
  • ICA~I Chairman: Indiana Chiropractic Insurance Compliance Council – 2007 – 2010
  • Consumer Board Member: Dunlap-Tavel Wealth Management – 2007 – 2011
  • Formed Indiana Scoliosis Specialists – 2008 Fishers, Indiana
  • Events Chiropractic Physician: Giants Live Strongman Events – commencing in 2015
  • Events Chiropractic Physician: Arnold Schwarzenegger Strongman Classic Events – N.A.S., Inc. commencing in 2014
  • Events Chiropractic Physician: Giants Live Strongman Events – commencing in 2015
  • Events Chiropractic Physician: World’s Strongest Man U 90 Kg – 2016
  • Events Chiropractic Physician: America’s Strongest Man – 2014,2015,2016
  • President- International Chiropractors Association of Indiana 2015-Present IndianaChiropracticAssociation.org
  • Indiana Assemblyman- International Chiropractors Association 2014 Chiropractic.org

Sports Related Accomplishments:

  • Developer: www.McDougleChiropracticMethods.com through work with Professional World Class Strongmen with assistance of Mr. Chad Coy; World Renowned Professional Strongman and Former Owner/Operator Powerhouse Gym, Kokomo, Indiana
  • Physician Advisory Board Member: Powerhouse Gym, Kokomo, Indiana
  • Physician Advisory Board Member: Pendleton Family Fitness, Pendleton Indiana
  • Chiropractor and Medical Coordinator – Indiana Tornados – North American Football League – 2002 Owner: Mr. Barry Krauss; Former Colts Line-backer, General Manager: Mr. Jeff Wilkinson; Tornados Offensive Line Coach: Ray Donaldson; Former Colts Lineman
  • Preceptor at Tornados Practicum Site: Anderson University Athletic Training Intern -2002 Season
  • Chiropractor for Pendleton Heights High School High Jump Record – 2003 (6’10”)
  • Chiropractor for #1 & #2 Indiana State Girls Gymnastic Champions – 2007
  • Chiropractor for #2 National Girls Gymnastic Champion – 2007
  • Chiropractor Noblesville High School Student – Personal Record Senior – 2008 (6’11”)
  • Preceptor at Pendleton Practicum Site: Ball State University Athletic Training Interns ; Practicum Site Supervision: Chris Chambers, A.T.,B.S.,M.S. Chiropractic Neuro-Biomechanics,  Director: Dr. Tom Weidner – BSU
  • Contributing Writer for Vype Sports Magazine, Indianapolis – 2008
  • Sports Physician for WTTV Channel  4 Website – 2008
  • Sports Physician for WXIN Channel  59 (FOX59) Website – 2008
  • Sports Chiropractic Adviser for UCLA, California – 2009 to Girls Gymnastic     Coach: Valorie Kondos-Fields & Massage Therapist & Chiropractor: Brian Campbell, D.C.
  • Sports Chiropractic Adviser for USC, California – 2009 to Chiropractor: Eric Blum, D.C.
  • Event Physician / Sports Chiropractor: Ultimate Strongman Championships / World’s Strongest Man; Belfast, Ireland 2012
  • Preferred Chiropractic Method for Indiana Strongman Corp. 2012
  • Preferred Chiropractic Method for Ohio Strongman Corp. 2015
  • Chiropractor for NAS USA Strongman Nationals: 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Chiropractor for America’s Strongest Man: 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Chiropractor for World’s Strongest Man U90Kg 2016 [Mooresville, IN]
  • Chiropractor for Arnold Strongman Championships: 2014, 2015,2016,2017
  • Chiropractor for NAS/ASC/Global, USS Strongman National competitions, and Giants Live International competitions

Professional Affiliations:

  • International Chiropractors Association
  • USA Sports Medicine – Swimming & Diving  (approved 2009)
  • International Chiropractors Association of Indiana: Board Member since 1998
  • Indiana Strongman Association: Preferred Chiropractic Method
  • Ohio Strongman Association: Preferred Chiropractic Method

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